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Below The Line Club

The Below the Line (BTL) Club is an industry initiative developed to bring leading suppliers and marketers together. The Club realizes many marketers have diverse needs. They have different purchasers, different regional suppliers, different credit and financial capabilities, and different purchasing volumes. The BTL Club is designed to reflect these differences while at the same time providing its members with an even better deal than they could negotiate on their own.

Marketers in the BTL Club negotiate directly and individually with BTL Suppliers to obtain the offering and structure that best meets their individual needs. BTL Supplier Members agree to offer marketers their best pricing for comparable business. In addition, Supplier Members agree to provide a rebate back to the Club.

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The first quarter of 2013 marks the launch of the Below the Line (BTL) Club, a service designed to help our Marketer members save on the services and supplies they use in their businesses. We have lined up a great group of supplier companies and invite you to browse through the directory to be introduced to a number of them.


BTL Club Supplier Members have the opportunity to reach a large network of prospective customers in an environment designed to establish credibility for the programs offered. Join other elite, proven, and trustworthy Suppliers offering quality services and products petroleum marketers, convenience retailers, and convenience distributors need.

Join now and enjoy these great benefits:
  • Access to a great network of prospective customers (over 250 firms operating over 5,000 stores and selling roughly 10% of the gasoline and diesel consumed in the US)
  • Reduced marketing costs with ability to economically reach smaller firms
  • Features in the Club's quarterly newsletters
  • Credibility as a preferred provider of the Club
  • Modest membership cost and a great marketing opportunity


BTL Club Marketer Members gain unique access to quality services and products offered by BTL Club Supplier Members at best prices. Supplier Members have been selected based on their ability to meet Marketer's needs in key business areas impacting the bottom line. Join the many other Marketers who have used these leading Suppliers for the services they need. And save money at the same time.

Join now and enjoy these great benefits:
  • Information about offerings and services from proven industry Suppliers
  • Best pricing for comparable business
  • An additional rebate for business done with BTL Club Supplier Members
  • Access to the Club's quarterly newsletters
  • Confidence that you’ll be treated fairly and honorably