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Atlantic Cost Reduction - Virtual Card

Your Commercial payments should be more rewarding.

Atlantic Cost Reduction - Virtual Card
15 Fostertown Rd.
Medford, NJ 08055
Contact: Gary Liguori <gary@atlanticcostreduction.com>

Pay your vendors who already accept credit card payments with a single-use virtual card, and drive increased efficiency, security AND revenue from your AP program


With over 20,000 customers and over 1 million vendor participants, Atlantic Cost Reduction is an innovative provider of game-changing virtual card payments. Since 2011, Atlantic Cost Reduction has engineered best-in-class technology solutions for corporate and nonprofit organizations seeking a highly efficient, effective, secure, and rewarding approach to accounts payable.

Atlantic Cost Reduction's team helps drive millions of dollars in spend every week as part of our mission to transform AP departments into engines of change and drivers of revenue.


Save and make money from Virtual Cards.

Checks -
  • Most expensive payment method.
  • Less secure than card payments.
  • Longest method of payment.
  • No control over when funds are removed from buyer's account.
  • Generate no revenue.

  • More costly than card payments.
  • Less secure than card payments.
  • Send subpar remittance data to your suppliers.
  • No float, and no control over when funds are removed from buyer"s account.
  • Generate no revenue.

  • Virtual card payments are free.
  • You make these payments right from your existing accounting or ERP system. Easy.
  • Virtual card payments are hyper-secure. They use Single Use Ghost Account numbers. They kind of vanish in time.
  • The remittance detail is what your suppliers are looking for. They like this.
  • Virtual card pays you revenue for every transaction.

That revenue part is real. We send you a rebate every quarter. Nice!


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