The Below the Line (BTL) Club is open to reputable, trusted Suppliers offering key services and products petroleum marketers, convenience store operators, and convenience distributors need. As a Supplier Member, you gain unique access and visibility to a large group of prospective clients. The BTL Club contains over 250 firms. Marketers in the Club are comprised largely of Study Group member firms. These firms collectively sell over 16 billion gallons of fuel annually and roughly 10 percent of the gasoline and diesel consumed in the US. They have Total Gross Profit Dollars of just under $5 billion. Roughly two-thirds of members operate c-stores, and the average chain size is about 30 stores.

Why you should be a Club member:

The BTL Club does not try to negotiate deals between Suppliers and Marketers. Rather, Marketers negotiate directly and individually with you to obtain the mix of products and services that best meets their individual needs. As a Supplier member, you agree to offer your best deal to Club members for comparable business. In addition, you agree to offer the Club a rebate. The rebate amount is variable depending on the good or service being offered and the aggregate volume of business done by a Marketer with your firm.

Suppliers pay a modest annual membership fee of $2500. In many cases, more than one vendor for a particular good or service will be offered. Supplier Members submit electronically their purchase information to the Club so that purchases can be tracked for issuing rebates. Rebates are paid out on a quarterly basis based on what a firm has purchased in the prior quarter. The Club will cover its costs and potentially earn a profit from Supplier memberships and retaining a portion of the gross rebates earned.

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